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Solar Assembly System for all common Trapezoidal Metal Sheet Roofs


roschTECHNIK made in GERMANY

Solar Assembly System


The t..fix assembly system for trapezoidal profiles ensures maximum operational safety. Due to the special clamp shape and load application points, T..fix neutralises the thermal expansion, thus, avoiding trapezoidal profile tensions resulting from a transverse expansion.

The string cable concept of the T..fix system guarantees that module cables may be strung together safely (module to module) without using cable ties.


The cables are located in the cable duct of the base rail protected from any weather influences (rain, snow, sun and wind). The integrated click system considers all common kinds of modular connectors (up to 21 mm)..


The punched base rail of the T..fix system is fixed by thin metal sheet screws approved by building inspection authorities. Due to fixing the base rail in this way, any drilling is not necessary, thus, also avoiding any chippings and also the danger of rust perforation.


For avoiding sharp edges, the T..fix base rail has a full-covering protective and sealing fleece, already provided by the manufacturer.



It is possible already with low expenditure to earth the photovoltaic facility in an interconnected way, merely two functional earthing points per module field are necessary.


Absolute planning security is guaranteed due to strict laboratory checkings and verified calculation and planning tools.
Since the T..fix system is already pre-mounted by the manufacturer, safe, quick and weather-independent handling on the construction site is ensured.

T..fix assembly system

4-Step Assembly


Step 1:

Measurement of the roof area to be covered.


Step 2:

Spreading and screwing of the pre-assembled T..fix base rail (no chippings, no leakages or similar)


Step 3:

Push-in of pre-assembled module brackets.


Step 4:

Clipping of module cables and setting of modules without unnecessary delay in assembly time due to slipped down clamps.


Steps 2 and 4 enable you to carry out assemblies at a record time.

ownloads: Data Sheets and Assembly of T..fix system

Datenblatt T..fix als pdf file   Data Sheet: T..fix system                                   Montageanleitung T..fix als pdf file    assembly instructions: T..fix system